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Hi! Established in 2023, Mo Chreach! Music Technology Ltd is a small company based in Scotland that makes software for audio stuff. That all sounds grand, but in reality, it’s a one-man show, but I’m passionate about music and technology, and I love to make things. I make videos about my endeavours on YouTube, posting tutorials, demos, music and other stuff. Everything that I work on is free and open source, and available on GitHub.



My upcoming keyboard driven audio tracker that’s inspired by Vim. My goal is the following experience:

  1. “What the hell are these key bindings, how do I control this infernal machine.”
  2. “This is terrible, it takes me 10x as much time to use this compared to a normal point and click GUI.”
  3. “Okay, this is kind of fun…”
  4. “I’m plugged in, there is no latency between having a musical idea and making a song.”
  5. “I have ascended to god-like status, anything is possible within the Lattice.”

Keep an eye on my YouTube channel and Twitter for updates. Once it’s in a decent state, I’m going to release an alpha through my Patreon, then a general release will follow.


A customisable, web-based MIDI controller that enables you to control any device. Great for performance and you can SHARE PRESETS THROUGH A URL! Here’s it in action:

Contact Me

If you’d like to get in touch, please feel free to email me at or send me a message on Twitter.